Our Commitment

Customized Mobility

In a world of 7 billion individuals, more than half of whom live in cities, the automobile has to be constantly reinvented so that the car remains a source of progress for all. Our view is that sustainable mobility should provide solutions that reconcile the need for mobility with the desire for a better quality of life. In our case, that calls for offering not only internal combustion vehicles that are more fuel efficient and thus emit less CO2, but also a range of all-electric vehicles that can be driven freely in cities without polluting the air for the people who live there.
Socially responsible mobility through the mobiliz program
We consider mobility to be crucial to economic development and the creation of social bonds. A means of pleasure and escape, it is also a way to fight exclusion and poverty. That is why we strive to facilitate access to mobility solutions for everyone. To make mobility universally accessible, we have been conducting a social entrepreneurship program since mid-2012 aimed at facilitating the integration of people in difficulty by providing them with mobility solutions. Intended initially for France, the program is being implemented by socially responsible garages in the Renault network, which have volunteered to offer products and services at a cost based on  social criteria.
Products designed for everyone
Renault Tech
Through our Renault Tech unit, we have worked for 25 years on behalf of people with reduced mobility by offering vehicles in Europe designed for individuals with motor disabilities. Each year, more than 1,000 converted vehicles come off the three assembly lines at the Heudebouville plant. They are sold in twelve countries in Europe as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Complementary Brands
More generally, vehicles marketed under the Group’s brands – a diverse lineup ranging from SUVs and minivans to compact or sporty sedans – cover a wide spectrum of needs all over the world.