Our Commitment

Renault believes it is essential to ensure that as many customers as possible have access to the most efficient technologies at an affordable price.


Renault knows that restrain fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is vital in today's world. With the consistent reduction of CO2 levels and noise emissions from its systems, Renault has consistently demonstrated that care for the environment can be compatible with real technical progress. Renault today boasts the world’s leading range in terms of low CO2 emissions.

One reason for this performance is that Renault's vehicle lineup has gotten younger. Another is the success of the Energy engines and the development of our electric vehicles.

In twenty years, Renault has cut our CO2 emissions by half!*

The environmental footprint of latest-generation Clio is a full 18% smaller than that of its predecessor. With an electric vehicle, the overall impact on the environment is reduced almost by half.

* At 83 g/km of CO2, the present-generation Clio IV dCi 90 hp emits just half the CO2 of the 1995 Clio I diesel 65 hp (165 g/km).

See how Renault is responsible for the environment.