All the equipments inside the Kangoo Express

Funcionality and adaptability

Renault KANGOO
Protective floor
Inside Renault Kangoo Express cargo area, you can have the protective floor, which prevents from damage on the Kangoo's floor.
Renault KANGOO
Foldable passenger seat
For a flat floor and longer loading length, you can fold down the front passenger seat. This gives you an extra space for loading long objects.
Renault KANGOO
Sliding roof panel
Thanks to the sliding roof panel, you can transport long and bulky objects vertically. Enjoy an opening length of 47cm and an opening width of up to 1m.


Renault KANGOO
Radio with USB & Bluetooth
Equipped with a USB port and Bluetooth ®, our radios allow you to enjoy your mobile multimedia content. And, if your phone is compatible, you can even call hands-free.

Renault KANGOO