Renault Megane Sedan

A charismatic design

Exterior design

The Renault Megane Sedan attracts all kinds of attention. With its long body, dynamic lines and generous interior space, it ensures a premium style, both practical and elegant.
Renault Megane Sedan - exterior design
Sharp lines
Broad shoulders, sculpted sides and a ribbed bonnet radiate confidence. Inspired and resolutely statuesque, the Renault Megane Sedan pushes the limits.
Renault Megane Sedan exterior design
Lighting signature
Thanks to the Renault LED lighting signature that provides a 3D effect, Renault Megane Sedan affirms its ambition and dominates the road. The rear lighting signature traces an intense, dark-red horizontal line.

Interior design

The R-LINK 2 system and its large touchscreen place total control of the vehicle at your fingertips. Use Bluetooth® to connect your smartphone and to manage your calls and multimedia content.
Renault Megane Sedan
Comfort and distinction
The cosy interior draws you in with its high-end comfort and its satin-finish chrome inserts. The sculped seats enveolp you, there is plenty of shoulder room and the rear bench seat folds down. Comfort like never before.
Renault Megane Sedan
Interior details
Enjoy the quality of materials and admire its finishes. The Renault Megane Sedan is full of details in chrome.