Renault KADJAR


Versatility and practicality

Offering spaciousness, intelligent modularity and storage capacity, the Renault Kadjar offers a wealth of qualities. To push the boundaries, it includes the Easy Break system, which features handles in the boot to unlock and automatically fold down the 1/3-2/3 rear bench seat. The two positions of the boot floor allow you to choose between a high position that forms a completely flat floor and a low position providing a load volume of 527 litres.

Elegance and distinction
Let yourself be seduced! Harmony of colors, choice of materials, attention to detail. Renault KADJAR is distinguished by its dimension, both sporty and refined. Enjoy the soft touch of the dashboard, the stitching of the leather-wrapped handles and the chrome strapping of the air vents. Renault KADJAR evokes elegance and distinction in everything.
Renault KADJAR - vue intérieur - sièges avant
Comfortable Seats
Designed in a sporty way, Renault has particularly taken care of the seats and their comfort. Fitted with dual density foam, they offer both cosiness and firm support. With their slightly inclined seat, you get even more sustenance.
panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof
Le t the sun in your daily life ! The Renault KADJAR has a panoramic sunroof of 1,4m².
Renault KADJAR - Volant multifonction
Multifunction steering wheel
Multifunction, Renault KADJAR's 3-spoke steering wheel has a sporty look and updated ergonomics for optimized driving pleasure.


Simplify your driving

Assisting your motoring every day
Tight spots have never been so easy to handle as with Easy Park Assist. The system assesses the available space and defines the trajectory. Let it take control of the steering for hassle-free parking.


Drive in serenity

Active emergency braking
When a risk of collision with the vehicle in front of you is detected, an audible warning warns you. If you do not respond, the active emergency braking system engages to prevent or mitigate the collision.
Renault KADJAR